Primitive Survival Fish Trap. (FISH CAUGHT)

In this video i show you how to make a very effective primitive survival fish trap.

If you are reading this then your awesome, and i wish you a great day. The “secret word” is swordfish. Leave a comment with it. Haha. /Andree /NorthSurvival.



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Top 10 Survival Skills You Need to Know

Top 10 Survival Skills You Need to Know

Do you have survival skills that could save your life? In a worst case scenario, anyone could benefit from possessing certain must-have survival skills like how to build a signal fire, how to perform DIY first aid and how to find food and water. WatchMojo looks at the top 10 wilderness survival skills you should learn now to give you an idea of how to survive in the wild.

00:57 #10: How to Attract Attention with a Signal Fire
02:02 #9: How to Keep Up Your Dental Hygiene
03:10 #8: How to Tie a Bowline
04:13 #7: How to Find Your Way by Day or by Night (Without a Compass)
05:31 #6: How to Perform DIY First Aid
06:48 #5: How to Make a Spear to Catch Animals / Food
07:46 #4: How to Find Food
08:55 #3, #2 & #1???

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If you want to see some of these skills in action, be sure to watch our videos of the Top 10 Amazing Survival Stories: ht

Top 15 Survival Items

Sensible Prepper Presents: Top 15 Survival Items. Be prepared for whatever life throws at you, not only for your Survival but those you love. I tried to make it a Top 10 but there were serious holes that had to be filled. Survive and Thrive!

1 trauma kit
2 tarp/poncho
3 firekit- has knife& lighter too
4 water filter
5 canteen
6 fixed blade knife
7 emergency food rations
8 flashlight Xtra batteries
9 bandana /shemagh
10 backpack
11 multitool
12 Paracord 7 strand at least
13 duct tape
14 ax
15 firearm – ammo too!
(Big thanks to Steve Kelly!)

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Solo desert survival with no tools – Bush Survival Training

3 days in the high Sonoran desert carrying only what most day hikers would carry – a water bottle and energy bar.

25 Survival Myths That Could Actually Hurt You

Ever since TV shows like Survivor Man and Man vs Wild took to the airwaves there has been a surge of interest in wilderness survival. Although most of us will never find ourselves in such situations, it doesn’t stop people from dreaming. Who wouldn’t want to go on an expedition through the jungle and live to talk about it? And then there’s the conspiracy theorists who think that the nuclear holocaust is going to happen at any moment and they need to stock up on toilet paper. Whatever your position, survival is built into our genes and we will try to do it at any cost. Surely your body is capable of far more than you think, just take a look at these 25 unbelievable facts about the human body. In all likelihood you could go for weeks without food or sleep. You could break numerous bones, lose a limb, and still keep on moving. What you’ll realize after reading through this list is that survival isn’t just about what you know, because much of what you know might be wrong. It’s

Solo Survival part 2: How to Survive Alone in the Wilderness for 1 week –Eastern Woodlands

In this video (part one and two) I go into the wilderness of North Eastern North America with only a knife and live off the land for a week. I document many of the crucial steps and tips and tricks that I do to survive in the forest. Skills shown are shelter, primitive fire, bark containers, water purification, fishing, weaving natural rope, bark shelters, trapping, edible plants, baskets, primitive cooking, fish traps….and tons more.
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After a few decades of being obsessed with collecting surviv

Survival Training!!!

!!!! MY GEAR !!!!

MY Camera ( a7s2 ) –

MAIN Lens to vlog with –

” cinematic lens ” (really good for about anything) –

Best Flashlight –

Small flashlight (powerful ) –


rode mic pro –


Gloves –


Samsung 360 camera –

Scarf –

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5 Survival Gadgets You Should Have # 2

Links to all the Inventions shown in the Video [ Click “Show More”

5 awesome survival gadgets to survive the next zombie apocalypse
these gadgets might one day save your life.

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5.Schrad SCXE5 is an excellent tool for your survival kit.It can be used as a camping axe or as self-defense hatchet or tomahawk this is one of the best survival kits every prepper must have.

4.Bear Grill Hatchet: A compact survival hatchet that comes loaded with lifesaving features.

The worse the weather gets, the more you’ll appreciate this sturdy little hatchet’s ability to turn out stacks of firewood or help you improvise a quick shelter.

3.4 In 1 woodsman:

2.M48 Tactical Shovel: The ultimate tactical shovel that also doubles as a defensive weapon

1.The Seventy2: the world’s smartest survival kit.
Designed by survival experts to give

SurvivorDude: Solo Survival

In this Episode, Survivor Dude goes through tips and tricks you can use in a Solo Survival situation. Imagine you are on a backpacking trip and you find that you have strayed away from your group or maybe you are a solo survivalist, you must always be prepared for any situation that may arise.

Discover how to get awesome gadgets for Free CLICK

Solo Survival situations happen all the time and being able to understand simple tactics can keep you alive. Enjoy.








5 Survival Gadgets You Should Have

5 survival gadgets to help you survive the next zombie apocalypse Links to all the Inventions shown in the Video [ Show More ]

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I cant wait to put these gadgets to the test

4.Msk 1:
3.The Fire Biner:
2.Pure 2 Go:

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